optimal routes for home visits

So far, 46,164 routes have been built for 484,450 patients.
We are supported by JHubMed, Microsoft Bing (technical services), and Oxford University Innovation.

How it works

This is a tool for finding the fastest routes to visit a set of housebound patients.
  1. Upload a 2-column spreadsheet containing patient identifiers and locations (eg postcodes).
  2. Choose a cluster size (number of patients to group together), for example the number of vaccine doses in a vial.
  3. The patients are sorted into clusters based on proximity to each other and the optimal route found within each.
Check out the example here, or download the dataset and try it for yourself.

How to use this tool

Build your routes

excel .xls or .xlsx

used to improve location searches

first row containing actual data (not column names)

column containing identifiers

column containing locations

for example, number of doses per vial

maximises the number of full-sized clusters (increases travel distance)

(minutes) time to per patient visit

determines routing and travel time

(optional) each route will be a round trip from this address

for sending results, suggested (check your junk folder)

By submitting your request, you confirm that you have complied with our privacy policy and terms of use in relation to the information you have provided. In particular, in respect of patients, you confirm that you have only provided postcodes and ID numbers, and that you have not provided any information capable of identifying an individual.